Our Wonderfull Rooms

Welcome to Tarkarli-Malvan MTDC approved tarkarli resort

Welcome to Tarkarli-Malvan, a coastal line of southern Maharashtra. Here is MTDC approved tarkarli resort gives you warm hospitality, luxury AC accommodation and delicious Malvani style cuisine. In Tarkarli, This resort near MTDC tents is better option compared to star hotels in Tarkarli.

A beatiful architecture

Konkani house is constructed with red coloured porous stone known as "Chira"(Laterite stone). This stone keeps interior atmosphere cool and beacause of porous nature it maintain the humidity inside room. Shree Ganesha resort is built up with this Chira stone. it's architecture is planned ny considering heritage structure.

Charming rooms

Rooms of this beach resort in Tarkarli are constructed as per the guideslines given by MTDC. Spacious and well furnished rooms are offered in this Tarkarli Resort. Not so Luxury but satisfactory ammenities are fitted inside.

Water sports activities in Tarkarli

MTDC water sports center is just on 500m from shree Ganesha beach resort in tarkarli. A famous under water sports in tarkarli is scuba diving and basic snorkeling. Most beautiful under water beauty can be captured on SD card while doing this activity in Tarkarli. Other activities are also available like

  • Para sailing
  • Speed boat ride
  • Jet ski ride
  • Bump ride

General facilitiesGet Experience of Konkani people's hospitality

Konkani restaurant in Tarkarli

We have restaurant facility available in this beach resort. Indian Malvani sea food and Malvani chicken is famous food in this restaurant

Free Parking

There is huge parking space for tourist's vehicle beside the resort building. At the center place one can park their car, too. We dont charge any fees for parking.

Room service

We concentrate on prompt service, as we know, we are in service based industry. We have polite and helpful staff serve for you on your request.